When You Shoot For The Stars, The Stars Shoot Back

by Vanity Kills

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An instrumental compilation album, including the single "My Atmosphere, My Explosion".


released July 1, 2012

All Rights Reserved - Bryan Sheard/ Vanity Kills



all rights reserved


Vanity Kills Chicago, Illinois

Vanity Kills is the brainchild of Chicagoland native Bryan Sheard, created with the the goal of taking music to a whole new level. Citing influences as diverse as the classical masters, modern hip-hop, trance, and pop music, Vanity Kills is electropop, love, space, and time travel all rolled into one with a side order of baller status. ... more

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Track Name: My Atmosphere, My Explosion
We fall down, we break up. We fly high, we fall in love. We kick rocks, use empty tones. We say goodbye, we find our way back home.

What do you say to that? Say hello, now goodbye. How can you face the facts? We're only human--aren't we, weren't we?

We're the ones-- now we're the only. I'm the cancer, you're the cure. I'm the fire you can't put out. You're the pain that I can't ignore. We were the hopes, now we're the "don't cares". You're the cold sweat, I'm the nightmare. But we're together forever and we might survive ourselves, just you and me tonight.

Trial and error, try to release. But you're stronger than me, you'll last longer. I'll try to shake off these memories and breathe. You're holding me back. I've got to stay strong. I can't stay long.

Unrequited. Now forget it. I don't want to make you regret this. Roll up my sleeves to hide my heartstrings and leave you to lay with him while I dream.